Call for Volunteers

Workshops hosted by WPEduVents seek volunteers who are willing to give all in to make this event a successful one. As a volunteer you will be able to be an essential part of the team during the event and you will also be able to meet and network with attendees. Now, there are different regions where volunteering is required such as:

TECHNICAL: People who are passionate about spreading the knowledge of WordPress and are well versed with it, are exactly the kind of people we wish to have as technical volunteers. A technical volunteer should be able to help attendees in case they are puzzled due to a technical error or if an attendee does not understand how to proceed. They should be able to solve their problems and give them a satisfactory explanation for the same.

MANAGEMENT: A great event is the one that’s managed well. In the absence of good management things can be very chaotic. A management volunteer is responsible for handling various procedures such as managing the registration desk, the stationery desk, logistics, event setup et cetera and making sure that the attendees are treated with great hospitality.

If you sign up, you must be committed to come for the days when an organizers meeting is scheduled. Minimum two, maximum three meetings of short duration should suffice the purpose. The first meeting will be held a week prior to the event to brief all the volunteers about the same. Another meeting will be held a day prior to the event to assign tasks to everyone.

Please Note:

Technical volunteers might have to come for an extra day between the two scheduled meetings so that we can brief them about the complications they might have to tackle during the event.

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