About WPEduVents

WPEduvents is a project by InfoBahn Technologies, where we organize meetups, workshops and courses on WordPress. We love WordPress and we love to make our websites with WordPress. By conducting meetups, workshops and courses on WordPress we try to help and encourage as many people as we can to make their sites with WordPress. So far more than 1200 people from various backgrounds such as media professionals, engineering students, fashion designers, bloggers etc. have benefited from this effort.


WordPress is a blog and website development tool which as of May 2018 powers 30% of the websites on the internet. It works on a theme and plugin system where themes provide the look and feel to a website where as plugins add functionality to it.


Meetups are events usually conducted at a Local café discussing WordPress and helping users with it. Meetups are free and will always be. A meetup could simply be a casual meeting discussing WordPress where experienced WordPress users help less experienced WordPress users or a Speaker session about something new in WordPress like a new plugin. Anyone with experience of using WordPress and willing to help people in making their website with WordPress can organize a meetup. If you wish to organize a meetup fill out the form, we will help you with it.


Workshops are comparatively formal events unlike a meetup. A workshop will always have a topic or an agenda. A workshop can only be conducted by WPEduvents certified trainer. A workshop topic could be Introduction to WordPress, Search Engine Optimization with WordPress, Speeding Up your WordPress site or a new development in the WordPress software or about a specific plugin. Workshops are not for profit events but may not always be free. A nominal fee might be applicable to cover organizational costs like venue, etc. Click here to know more about workshops happening near you.


Workshops give you a good insight about WordPress and a direction to explore the infinite possibilities that WordPress or themes and plugins with WordPress offer. But if you would like to take more detailed approach and learn WordPress professionally to develop a website for yourself or as a freelancer for clients or even take a job at a WordPress services agency our courses will serve you just right.